Yoga Class

Today I went to yoga class and along the way I decided to spark a doob so naturally I was nice and high as I started the class. The Class started like any other day but about 30mins into it, I accidentally let out a long toot, and although farting in class is somewhat normal becuase of all the stretching and relaxing of muscles, this time was a little different. You see I couldn’t stop giggling and the giggling turned to laughter and soon the class was looking at me like I was crazy! But they had no idea I was high and I had no idea how to stop the giggles. lol. So embarassing I had to get up and leave. Even as I packed my things, I laughed and before I left someone else farted and I died. Lesson learned, let out my farts before class especially when I’m high.


-Sarah Stoner

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2 comments on “Yoga Class

  1. John Stoner on said:

    Hahaha, great story!

  2. Karrie on said:

    LMAO. Oh girl don’t worry, a similar thing happened to me!

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